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Do More of What Makes You Happy.

Lessons learned from quarantine

How many times did we all say, "I just want life to get back to normal"?

I am quite certain I am not unique. Navigating the COVID-19 crisis was harrowing and heartbreaking at times, as news of the suffering and/or, God forbid, loss of loved ones, friends, and friends of friends mounted. I am sure each of us spent a significant amount of time assessing our individual mettle while in the depths of the winter of 2020/21. The height of quarantine created feelings of isolation and sadness for many for a whole host of reasons: for some, loss of work, separation from loved ones, growing depression, or even just feeling like life would never be "normal" again. Surprisingly, my overwhelming feeling coming out of this time was one of gratitude.

Quarantine gave me permission to put down some bad habits, end unproductive relationships, and stop doing time-sucking and not particularly fruitful pursuits. The gift of quarantine, for me, was time. As one who is always slightly too busy by choice, quarantine provided the luxury of time to focus on the things that truly make me happy.

I found myself choreographing...A LOT.  I taught hundreds of free dance classes on Zoom and got to dance virtually with people I had never met from all over the world.

I wrote quite a bit. Because I couldn't physically do my strategic engagement work for Watkinson as I usually would — going out and meeting folks face-to-face — I took to gathering and telling the stories emanating from the school. Like a steady drum beat, I pushed out stories of the ways our little community was working together, even when we were apart.

I got outside. Nearly everyday, even on the coldest days, I enjoyed the temperatures, sights and smells of nature, and I loved being active. My son, husband and I made it a goal to hike all the trails of Sleeping Giant State Park while it was snow covered. These were special days that I will always treasure.

I am grateful that "normal" is a big place. I am grateful that at any age you can re-define what you you want your life to look and feel like. Here's to clarity of vision about creating the life you want. And here's to more of what makes me, and you, happy.